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plywood - fir vertical grain | anderson plywood plywood - fir vertical grain botanical name: pseudotsuga menziesii common names: douglas spruce coast douglas-fir douglas yew blue douglas-fir oregon pine red fir and red spruce sources: grows in western united states and canada; introduced to uk australia and new zealand. appearance: generally straight sometimes wavy grained with a medium to fairly coarse texture. yellowish to orange.【Get Price】

vg doug fir flooring | direct | whidbey millhouse * vertical grain (face grain). * floors the way they used to be. * great for victorian restorations. * great for craftsman restoration. * great for farmhouse restorations. * great for new homes. * made in u.s.a. * milled to order in typically 1-2 weeks. * douglas fir flooring can be re-finished and last for decades.【Get Price】

douglas fir flooring | altruwood cvg (clear vertical grain) douglas fir flooring. our most popular douglas fir flooring is our 3 1/8″ and 3 1/4″. we offer cvg douglas fir flooring in both 3 1/8″ and 3 1/4″ widths. when choosing which width it is important to consider if the project is a restoration project or a new installation. for new installations 3 1/8″ is less.【Get Price】

fir lumber | domestic lumber | macbeath hardwood vertical grain douglas fir is a resilient timber with a high strength to weight ratio. it has been widely used for various construction projects for centuries. vertical grain fir offers a uniform straight grain beauty that you don't get with the mixed grain. designers and architects appreciate vg fir as an ideal wood for doors and windows.【Get Price】

douglas fir flooring since 1992 we've been your source for real natural douglas fir products. from flooring and paneling to trim stock and timbers we have it all!【Get Price】

vintage douglas fir plank & flooring clear vertical grain douglas fir flooring. carefully selected the planks in this product will be milled nearly free of character marks and knots. the grain pattern will display as an edge grain on the surface of the wood floor. this is the most durable configuration for flooring.【Get Price】

antique hardwood and douglas fir flooring | lumber. bamboo (5) hardwood (2) bellawood hardwood (1) flooring sale (1) sort & filter. showing num1 - num2 of 6 antique hardwood and douglas fir flooring. showing num1 - num2 of 6 antique hardwood and douglas fir flooring products 1. 1 1 get inspired! browse our new digital catalog and. keep up with the latest flooring trends..【Get Price】

douglas fir flooring | dougfirflooring each week we share interesting tips tricks and news all related to doug fir flooring and other altrufir products. this week read about where clear vertical grain comes from. a few highlights: the highest quality vertical grain fiber is harvested in british columbia. forests in the u.s. and canada have been managed very differently.【Get Price】

american reclaimed floors - reclaimed wide plank solid. american reclaimed floors has an option for every style. whether it’s the strength and texture of reclaimed wide plank white oak the classic refined look of old growth douglas fir or the antique beauty of long leaf heart pine we have a unique floor for the atmosphere that you want to create.【Get Price】

fir vertical grain - columbia forest products fir vertical grain veneer species guide columbia forest products is proud to offer an exciting variety of hardwood and decorative softwood species of faces to meet the demand for architectural individuality in interior design applications.【Get Price】

red hills co. heart pine flooring vertical grain. red hills lumber vertical grain is quartersawn with grain angles between 45° - 90° forming an elegant pinstripe pattern on the face of the board. this cut also maximizes the surface exposure of denser "late wood" (the darker growth rings) creating an even more durable surface.【Get Price】

reclaimed wood flooring reclaimed wood floors douglas fir floors. reclaimed wood flooring notes: with the exception of tight vertical grain douglas fir rarely will any two of our reclaimed floors look exactly alike. your reclaimed wood flooring is hand picked and graded after it’s been run to pattern.【Get Price】

clear grade vertical grain douglas-fir hardwood flooring. clear vertical grain fir flooring dimension specifications: clear vertical grain fir flooring has lengths typically of 6 to 16 feet. standard widths are 3 1 / 8 ″ and 5½″. custom widths from 2¼″ up to 8″ or more can be made by request.【Get Price】

mixed grain versus clear vertical grain douglas fir flooring clear vertical grain douglas fir flooring has been around forever. it’s been an industry staple and favored on the east coast for decades and for good reason. however it is not always the best choice. we are the largest producer of prefinished douglas fir flooring in the u.s. from our expertise we prefer mixed grain […]【Get Price】

porch floor & ceiling - niece lumber vertical grain douglas fir porch flooring dates back to the oldest homes in our area. widely used and accepted this tongue and groove board domestic porch option provides homeowners and builders an economical choice when replacing defective porch boards. niece lumber stocks fir porch flooring in 1 x 4 and 5/4 x 4 can be special ordered.【Get Price】

douglas fir timbers - wholesale supplier - douglas fir wood here the clear and vertical grain grades and cuts are the preferred specifications. this makes a great option for exterior siding flooring and paneling in more rustic buildings. douglas fir is a native species in the pacific northwest and these days it is mostly sourced from british columbia canada.【Get Price】

clear vertical grain : douglas fir clear vertical grain sample. the wwpa tell us that for finish grades " pieces 5" and narrower are graded from both edges and the better side or face; the reverse side may be one grade lower. pieces 6" and wider are graded from the better side or face and one edge the other edge and reverse side may be one grade lower".【Get Price】

tongue and groove doug fir vertical grain flooring sub. get tongue and groove doug fir vertical grain flooring at a low price in lodi ca. doug fir c&better quality is perfect for adding warmth to a room. sub floor【Get Price】

vg reclaimed heart pine flooring | bingham lumber reclaimed select vertical grain heart pine is an elegant flooring choice. bingham’s craftsmen rely on our 69 years of experience to quarter-saw the antique heart pine timbers. this highly sought after grade of flooring features tight vertical grain maximum heart content minimal nail holes and small tight knots.【Get Price】

forever floors...reclaimed doug fir 2x t&g clear vertical. the lumber baron’s forever floors create your own legacy. introducing our “forever floors” doug fir 2×6 tongue and groove clear vertical grain reclaimed from the sears factory store in san leandro. the material carries the weyerhaeuser lumber mill’s legendary “4 – square” lumber stamp a symbol that came to signify […]【Get Price】

5/4x4 douglas fir b & better vertical grain t&g decking. vertical grain pattern ; for flooring or decking ; tongue & groove (t&g) specify product is to be kiln-dried ; douglas fir b and better wood grade: douglas fir is a softwood species and has been used often as a porch flooring/decking material (painted to protect it) for covered and partially covered porch areas. please quote or call us to check.【Get Price】

douglas fir wood products page : beams : flooring : siding. douglas fir is known for its distinctive grain patterns produced by the varying degrees of spring and summer wood in the grain. the color differences between the two range from yellowish to reddish brown. douglas fir flooring ages to a warm orange-brown color.【Get Price】

antique floor – reclaimed douglas fir – antique woodworks douglas fir also referred to as clear vertical grain (cvg) doug fir has enjoyed a burst of popularity in the reclaimed wood market over the past several years. it is commonly used as a beautiful reclaimed wide-plank blessed with a nail holes and other character marks.【Get Price】

vertical grain heart pine flooring - appalachian woods llc vertical grain flooring is all milled from quarter and rift sawn lumber. as you can see from the picture to the right the grain is mostly long straight lines rather then the usual swirls and arched grain associated with plank flooring.【Get Price】

fsc douglas fir flooring - sustainable northwest wood we stock clear vertical grain (cvg) and mixed grain douglas fir flooring in the historically-appropriate face width of 3 1/4" ready to go for restoration and renovation projects. this solid wood flooring is kiln-dried has a traditional tongue-and-groove profile and comes in lengths of 8'-16'.【Get Price】

clear vertical grain (cvg) douglas fir flooring this is a great price for doug fir flooring. boards are a c&btr clear vertical grain douglas fir in 3' 4' & 5' lengths. this flooring is a looser grain than our standard tight grain cvg doug fir available in longer lengths. take advantage of this deal while you can! material is subject to availability so please call for current availability.【Get Price】

northwest wood flooring northwest wood flooring.. fsc douglas fir: 3 1/4" clear vertical grain flooring restoration juniper: 5" campground blue pine: 5" 7" and 9" features kiln-dried milled with a traditional tongue-and-groove profile 3/4" thick lengths of 24" to 8' longer lengths available for certain species and by custom order【Get Price】

vertical grain heart pine flooring - red hills lumber co. vertical grain flooring. red hills lumber vertical grain heart pine wood creates an even harder flooring surface than other grades of heart pine. it is quarter sawn with grain angles between 45° - 90° forming an elegant pinstripe pattern. because vertical grain is sawn from the outside layers of a tree the heart content will vary.【Get Price】

douglas fir | feuer lumber pound for pound douglas fir is one of the strongest western softwoods. this wood is used in the manufacturing of more products than any other lumber species. this reliable workable wood brings out the very best for your projects.【Get Price】

douglas fir flooring - clear vertical grain | stonewood. fir flooring is an amazing looking wood flooring aka douglas fir. our clear vertical grain (cvg) fir flooring takes stains very well and can make for a beautiful addition to any home looking for the look of vertical grain patterns in lighter color. grades: clear vertical grain; offered in 4 widths【Get Price】

reclaimed douglas fir flooring planks for sale | elmwood. douglas fir was a very traditional floor in turn-of-the century mission style homes for the working and living quarters with a more formal hardwood in the parlor and dining rooms or ‘public' areas of the home. today we reclaim this versatile wood from old factories and warehouses in the form of large beams and dimensional lumber.【Get Price】

bc coastal engineered douglas fir flooring manufacturer. douglas fir flooring. douglas fir continues to be the species of choice in the building and construction industries and remains among the most important commercial wood species in the world. along with its strength and durability vertical grain douglas fir is appreciated for its rich visual quality by architects designers and craftsmen.【Get Price】

douglas fir flooring & ceiling ct ma ny vt nh me. our douglas fir tongue and groove flooring is available in c & better vertical grain for a more refined look in widths of 1x3" 1x4" 1x6" and 5/4x4" and lengths from 3' to 20.' also in stock is 5/4x4" landing tread and 5/4x12" stepping in lengths from 3' to 20'.【Get Price】

douglas fir - the woodworker's candy store! its great for furniture trim-work cabinetry and doors. with right finish you can use doug fir inside or outside. it's an incredibly valuable commercial timber widely used in construction and building purposes. fir is very strong for its weight and hardness. we also stock clear vertical grain cabinet plywood too.【Get Price】