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Pros and Cons of Front Door Options | Angie's List29 Jan 2015 ... I have a mahogany door on my entry that has decorative glass and is stained and varnished, Musalo says. The downside? They swell ... rot and need a lot of maintenance. Direct sunlight can fade wood doors, which then require staining. Wood doors usually have shorter warranties than other types of front doors, but they can really make a statement, too. Ranging from several hundred dollars to several thousand, solid wood doors typically cost more, especially for ...【Get Price】

Front Door - Faded - Direct Sunlight | The Home Depot Community12 Oct 2010 ... The front door received direct afternoon sunlight and after filling sanding and prepping every other year I finally gave in and painted the door and sidelights with Behr Pure Premium Ultra paint. This may be your best option depending on the severity ... Spar has been the product of choice for years, but new products have appeared recently that are loaded with uv protection and also have elasticity and other good traits. Sikkens, and Cabot all have good products worth ...【Get Price】

How to Paint Plastic or Vinyl Exterior Shutters | Today's Homeownerplastic or vinyl shutters can be repainted if they are cleaned properly and the correct paint is used. Read more to find out how.【Get Price】

How to Paint or Stain Almost Anything | Today's HomeownerFind out how to go about painting concrete, metal, plastic and other materials around your house. Read on to find out more. ... The stain permeates the surface and actually bonds with concrete and masonry to form a tough shield that doesn't fade, peel, or flake like paint. To extend the life of the stain, consider using a clear stain as a ... An ideal choice of paint for basements is one that offers a waterproof feature as well as mildew resistance. Whether you choose to stain or paint your ...【Get Price】

Best Material for a Garage Door - Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass23 Jan 2013 ... Garage doors provide more than a barrier between your vehicles and the outside world. They add aesthetic appeal to your home and can increase the value of your property. Choosing the perfect garage door is all about choosing the best material to suit your needs. Garage doors can be found in a wide range of materials. Wood. Wood is undeniably one of the most beautiful garage door materials available. The deeply textured grains and the carved appearance ...【Get Price】

Plastic Frames - Painting 1 2 - MasoniteMXP and Centurion door lite frames are produced from a scientifically superior blend of thermoplastic resin while PVC door lite frames are made from UV stabilized PVC. These materials resist deformation and yellowing and do not require painting providing many years of virtually maintenance-free service. These features make these frames an excellent choice for use behind a storm door, or in direct sun exposure. However, if you decide to paint, closely follow these and the paint ...【Get Price】

finishing instructions for Interior & Exterior Door Slabs ... - Jeld-WenExterior finishing products provide extra protection and durability for interior surfaces still exposed to sunlight. Vinegar and water i. Denatured alcohol i. Wood Block i. Masking tape i. Sandpaper - 220 grit or finer i. Pre-stain conditioner if ... Paint or stain (see instructions i for each door type for specific recommendations). Paint thinner or mineral spirits i. (for clean up). Safety Glasses and rubber i gloves. Screwdrivers i. Power Drill i. Hammer i. Punch i. Utility knife i. plastic putty knife.【Get Price】

How to Stain Wood-Grain Textured Fiberglass Doors - Bayer Builtstain. High-quality, opaque (non-transparent), heavily pigmented, oil-based stain (recommended). Gel stains can also be used. Semi-transparent stains are not recommended. High-quality, exterior grade, UV stabilized polyurethane sealant (satin .... lasting protection of the finish. 6. After both sides of the door have been top-coated (twice) and are completely dry, remove the paper and tape from the glass and protected surfaces. 7. Clean the glass with window cleaner and remove any ...【Get Price】

All About Fiberglass Entry Doors | This Old HouseAs for curb appeal, forget the plastic-looking imposters introduced a couple of decades ago. The best models feature ... A restorative top coat of clear marine varnish (for a wood-look door) or paint c【Get Price】

Recommended Finishing Instructions - MasoniteConsult the paint manufacturer's instructions for drying times. Sand in-between coats. Do not sand the final top coat. 4 All six sides of the door must be sealed. (See figure L). 5 After the door is painted or stained and completely dry, install hardware. 6 French doors or doors with glass: Remove protective film immediately after finishing the door. Use a sharp blade or utility knife to cut away the protective plastic film leaving clean edges around the lites. Use protective gloves during this ...【Get Price】

How to Paint a Front Door That Gets a Lot of Sun | Home Guides | SF ...3. Insert a tube of painter's caulk into a caulk gun. Cut the tip of the nozzle with a utility knife. Fill any open seams or cracks with painter's caulk, and wipe the excess flush with a wet finger. Fill any holes or dents in a metal door with automotive body repair putty using a plastic putty knife. Allow the caulk or putty to cure according to package instructions.【Get Price】

Finishing Doors | Woodgrain DoorsFinishing doors. Preparation for Finishing. When staining, a wood conditioner or sander/sealer should be used to help achieve a more uniform finish. (Be sure to follow the wood conditioner manufacturer's instructions closely.) Before applying the first ... In areas of high exposure of sunlight and weather a marine grade top coat is recommended. ... Woodgrain doors have plastic film protection on the glass, removal of plastic film protection immediately after applying the finish is required.【Get Price】

Can You Paint Composite Doors? - Composite Door Experts25 Feb 2017 ... Composite doors, on the other hand, are manufactured in such a way that the colour runs right through the door's glass-reinforced plastic skin. It is incorporated into the skin during ... They are well-built, durable, and highly resistant to damage, warping, and dents. This means a composite door comes ... Timber doors are weak and defenseless against the elements meaning the paint can warp from constant exposure to sunlight and rain. Timber doors require regular ...【Get Price】

Door Care & Finishing | Simpson Door CompanyPaint dealers have a broad selection of color chips on hand to demonstrate the look you can achieve when staining fine wood such as douglas fir, western hemlock or red oak used in Simpson doors. ... On doors that have plastic film protection on glass, removal of plastic film protection immediately after applying the finish is required. Failure to remove ... Do not use dark colored stains or paint on doors exposed to sunlight, as some expansion and contraction of door parts may occur.【Get Price】

Wood Door Care & Finishing - Masonitedoors must be dry before finishing. 6. Do not use dark colored stains or paint on doors exposed to sunlight, as some expansion and contraction of door parts may occur. Further, a dark colored stain or paint may void the door's warranty. 7. If the glass in your door does not come with a factory applied protective film, it is the finisher's responsibility to protect the glass prior to and during finishing. 8. plastic film protection on the glass should be removed immediately after applying the finish.【Get Price】