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i am currently working on my house and need to lift a number of floor boards. my floor boards are all interlinked (tongue & groove) and i am finding it very difficult to lift/remove them. the boards are quite long so i need to cut them【Get Price】

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sand the replacement boards with 220-grit sandpaper along the grain of the wood in preparation for finishing. ... how to replace sections of a tongue & groove hardwood floor. ... "how to replace ...【Get Price】

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are the tongues necessary? can i just take my circular saw right between the boards cut them way and then screw them back down afterward? you've been misinformed. the point of tongue-in-groove planking is to keep the floor boards from twisting slipping and sliding against each other and squeaking (or squeaking more in your case).【Get Price】

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does anyone know of a source for 2.5 inch strip tongue and groove flooring typical of older maplewood houses? most of the sources i've found online offer either 2.25 inch or much wider. i guess i could buy the wider size and rip down the boards to width but i'm hoping for the easy way out.【Get Price】

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cut some new boards to replace and paint them however your current ceiling is done. as to the hole where the skylight was i would remove the trim cut a piece of plywood the size of the hole add some 1x2s inside the hole deep enough so the plywood is flush with the ceiling before adding the tongue and groove boards.【Get Price】

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with growing interest in woodworking and home improvement projects centered around wood flooring learning how to make tongue and groove boards continues to intrigue people interested in do it yourself projects. tongue and groove joints are most commonly seen in woodworking although they can be ...【Get Price】

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pulling up tongue-and-groove flooring can be tedious and time-consuming -- more so when the boards are glued -- but it's not a test of carpentry skills. if you want to remove the boards safely it ...【Get Price】

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once you are ready to proceed remove it from the floor. remember the glue will set very quickly so you will need to work fast to finish. apply the epoxy to the “tongue” and “groove” of the boards surrounding the repair as well as the “tongue” and “groove” of the replacement piece.【Get Price】

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but if the damaged paneling is too severe you may want to replace one or more of the damaged tongue-and-groove boards. be sure to carefully match any new paneling and its finish with neighboring boards. below are 7 easy steps to follow for replacing a damaged tongue-and- grove board within your home.【Get Price】

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now that you know how your floorboards are attached you can begin to tackle the replacement process. the first step of this process is to remove or cut out the damaged boards. so let’s begin! tongue-and-groove floorboards. the best way to remove tongue and groove floorboards is by using a circular saw with a blade that can cut nails. using ...【Get Price】

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if you have tongue and groove boards on your floor there is a chance that you will need to repair them at some point. if one of them is damaged you will need to remove it and put a new one in its place. here are the basics of how to replace damaged tongue and groove boards. you should start out by ...【Get Price】

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step #2 install the replacement boards. so now that it’s all cleaned up and free of any damaged boards you need to patch the floor with your replacement boards. if your replacement boards are not the exact same width and thickness as the originals the repair will not work at all. don’t think something close will suffice.【Get Price】

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is there a way to lift tongue and groove floorboards (proper wood not the laminate flooring) and be able to put them back down? i have extensive electrical work to be done in my flat and i would prefer not to have to replace a whole flatsworth of the things!【Get Price】

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wood floors can last a lifetime with the proper care and add warmth and beauty to a home. so if the floorboards of your tongue and groove floor become damaged and can’t be repaired you can ...【Get Price】

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while smooth level tongue and groove flooring is widespread you still find plain board planks to recreate the look and feel of an old-time rustic floor. non-groove planks are rarely seen in ...【Get Price】

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i am having engineered wooden flooring installed in my property. i have traditional timber floorboards. the property had woodworm so this was treated and a number of the rotten boards were removed. in some of the smaller rooms we will remove the timber floorboards and replace them with tongue and groove chipboard.【Get Price】